Catalonia seceding from Spain is getting pretty heated.  A group of academics is claiming in writing that the Spanish federal government is abusive:
  • Airspace will be closed in Spain during the referendum (Wow!) – This just in
  • federal police have been deployed
  • firefighters are threatening to protect voters
  • Federal cabinet has taken over vendor payments
  • Military has shut down separatist websites
  • Military has raided print shops and confiscated 1.3 million pamphlets
  • Military has served injunctions on pro-independence newspapers, web news sites to ban publican of referendum material
  • Spanish post office is opening mail of “suspicious” letters
  • Public meetings have been banned, some have been raided by police.
Looks pretty heavy handed and it’s starting to get noticed…right before the referendum. Not sure that’s going to be tolerated in today’s world.